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    Art Classes FAQs

    Get Your Questions Answered

    Make sure you get your questions answered so you can confidently make a positive decision to join as a life member.

    A/ Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get:

    Q/ What Medium Are The Courses In?

    A/ We teach in such a way that it can be transferred between Acrylics, Oils, Water Mixable Oils, . So any of the courses taught in any of these mediums can be transferred to other mediums. 

    Q/ How Do I Get Access To The Courses?

    A/ After you join as a member an account will be created for you in the Learn To Paint Academy. This account allows you to access the members area at any time with your log in details. Its a simple matter of logging in to your account to access your courses and projects.

    Q/ When Do The Courses Start?

    A/ There is no set time or schedule for the courses. You take them at your own pace. So just log in when ever you are ready and take your time going through the courses in the order you want.

    Q/ How Long Do I Have Access For?

    A/ Membership to the Learn To Be An Artist Academy is like a Netflix membership. As long as you remain an active member you will have access to the courses, projects and other member benefits. If you ever decide to cancel your membership however you will then loose access after the end of your paid up period for membership.

    Q/ Can I Really Learn To Paint?

    A/ Yes ... if you have the desire to and have a go. The Simple Method of Painting and Drawing has so far helped 6,000 + students in North America and China to learn to paint and draw both for Academic purpose and Hobby or Career purpose. Some have gone into Art Universities, start art teaching businesses. The Simple Method of Painting and Drawing is proven to work ... so if you follow along you can get similar results.

    Q/ What Art Supplies Do I Need To Get Started?

    A/ The beauty of the TSimple Method of Painting and Drawing is that we recommend keeping it simple. Therefore the supplies we recommend are minimal. Once you become a life member we will share with you the required art supplies used within each of the courses.